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Rob Paulsson

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Rob Paulsson is a three-time CEO and business leader who has led several companies to achieving higher performance. In his first book, “Hank’s Office: My Year As New CEO”, he has skillfully woven his personal experience as a newcomer to the corner office into an entertaining fictionalized tale. If you’re an aspiring CEO or have just landed your first CEO position, this is the book for you. Can Rob fulfill his responsibilities and do what he was hired to do – turn around an ailing software company and restore stakeholders’ faith? Here is a page-turner that is an honest, sometimes humorous, sprightly glimpse into the life of a CEO, the daily challenges he faces, and the life lessons he learns along the way. This is not a business bible replete with organizational theory and checklists. Rob gives readers a first-hand look at his world to impart the knowledge he’d have loved to have when he first became a CEO. If you have just been hired as a new CEO, or aspire to the position, this book is a must-read before you take your seat in the big chair.
Rob holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in accounting from the University of South Florida and the University of Miami, and an MBA in Strategic Management from the Wharton School of Business. Currently, Rob is the President of Strategic Healthcare Programs, a leader in performance improvement for post-acute care providers.
Rob was born and raised in Sweden, and now lives in Santa Barbara, CA with his fiancée Donna.


"When I stepped into Hank’s office for the first time, the sight of it took my breath away. For starters, it was huge! It must have been three times larger than any office I had ever sat in before. I wondered how anyone could need that much space just to do a regular desk job. And the furnishings, they must have cost a pretty penny. In one corner was Hank’s desk, a dark wood piece the size of a pool table with a black leather chair behind it. The back of the chair was so high that it covered the entire body of anybody sitting in it. Viewed from behind it was impossible to tell if anyone was sitting in it at all. Perfect if you wanted to swivel the chair around and reveal yourself to a visitor for maximum dramatic effect. A great choice of office furniture….for a Bond villain."

So begins Hank’s Office: My Year As New CEO. Flippant, funny, and poignant, with deeply insightful business knowledge shared in a casual conversational tone, the book is a fictionalized account of Rob’s real-world experience as a first-time CEO.

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A fun and educational story told through the lens of a CEO. This book is a great read and a real page turner for anyone, not just a CEO up and comer. Rob’s business insight and sense of humor made this book a real treat. I hope there is more to come from Rob!
Highly recommended!”

— Kevin William Vogel, on