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Meaning Business

a business novel

“Same company, same characters; New year, new CEO issues. In this sequel to the acclaimed Hank´s Office – My Year As New CEO, the themes are deeper and more personal. As questions of meaning and purpose rise to the surface in his second year in the corner office, CEO Rob Paulsson must confront the deeper why of a career spent in business leadership. Beyond making a living, what is the point of it all?”


Hank´s Office

a business novel

This is a fascinating book which teaches business lessons as it entertains with a fast paced, gripping narrative. It is a great read for up and coming executives in any field, as the issues that affect the fictional software company, DSI, are issues that affect all corporations; customer expectations, delivery deadlines, Human Resources conundrums, and high stakes business negotiations. Most business books are very dry and devoid of personality, but this one was so humorous and enjoyable that I finished it in one day. I was hooked after the first few pages, which I did not expect. It is also a look behind the curtain at the executive offices which gave me an idea of the kinds of decisions that a CEO makes on a daily basis. Overall, I would highly recommend it to both CEOs and anyone who aspires to be a CEO one day.”

– D. Galler, Verified Purchase

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